num|ber1 [ `nʌmbər ] noun ***
▸ 1 sign/word for amount
▸ 2 for showing position
▸ 3 telephone number
▸ 4 for marking something
▸ 5 a quantity
▸ 6 piece of music
▸ 7 someone/something attractive etc.
▸ 8 in linguistics
1. ) count a sign or word that represents an amount or quantity. 1, 2, 3, etc. and one, two, three, etc. are numbers:
large numbers like 250,000
Can you read the numbers on the chart?
a ) even number a number that can be exactly divided by 2, such as 2, 4, 6, 8, etc.
b ) odd number a number that cannot be exactly divided by 2, such as 1, 3, 5, 7, etc.
c ) round number a number that ends in 0, such as 40, 450, or 4000:
in round numbers: I don't need an exact figure. Just tell me what it will cost in round numbers.
2. ) count used for showing the position of something in a series:
As a tennis player, she rated number one (=the best) in the nation.
The local trains will be arriving on track number 4.
Her apartment number is 16C.
3. ) count a telephone number:
Call this number to get a taxi.
wrong number: I must have dialed the wrong number.
4. ) count a number that marks something in a way that separates it from everything else of its type, so that you can easily find it or discover who it belongs to:
Your account number is printed on every check.
In order to get a job, you have to have a Social Security number.
5. ) count or uncount a quantity of people or things:
number of: a small number of stores
increasing numbers of drivers
This brings the total number of children to 12.
a ) (quite) a number of something used for giving a general idea of how many people or things you are referring to:
A number of students (=more than a few, but not many) have part-time jobs.
We've met on a number of occasions.
Quite a number of paintings (=many paintings) have been sold.
b ) any number of something a large quantity of people or things:
She's written any number of good stories.
There could be any number of reasons why he's not home.
6. ) count a song or piece of music, especially one that is part of a longer performance:
show-stopping numbers from Broadway musicals
7. ) count INFORMAL someone or something that is unusual or attractive:
She was wearing a little black number (=dress or outfit).
8. ) uncount LINGUISTICS the form of a word that shows whether you are referring to one thing or more than one thing:
If the subject is plural, the verb has to be in the plural number.
by the numbers
in a way that is exactly according to the rules:
In the military, you learn to do things by the numbers.
do a number on INFORMAL
to deliberately do something that has a negative effect on someone or something:
The reviewers really did a number on that movie.
have (got) someone's number INFORMAL
to understand someone or realize the true purpose of their actions:
I've got your number don't think you can fool me.
one/some of someone's number FORMAL
one or several of the people in a particular group:
Some of our number have had doubts about this.
someone's number is up INFORMAL
used for saying that someone is going to die:
When the brakes failed, I thought my number was up.
without/beyond number LITERARY
too many to be counted:
Filling the sky, there were birds beyond number.
num|ber 2 [ `nʌmbər ] verb transitive *
1. ) to give a number to something or to each thing that is part of a set:
Number each page in the upper right-hand corner.
The seats in the balcony are numbered from 100 to 200.
2. ) FORMAL to consist of a particular quantity of people or things:
The crew numbered 15.
Serbs numbered only 10 percent of the region's population.
number someone among FORMAL
to include someone in a particular group of people:
I number him among my closest friends.
someone's/something's days are numbered
someone or something is not likely to continue in a particular situation or to exist much longer:
His days on the team are numbered.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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